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them — and there are many ways to do so beyond simply writing a check, although that is certainly important.
“It’s time, it’s money, it’s contributing ideas to help these nonprofits carry out their missions,” said Moriarty, who, on the day he spoke with BusinessWest, was picking up
100 turkeys from a local market to take to the nonprofit I Found the Light Against All Odds (see page 40) for distri- bution to those in need.
Meanwhile, he and other employees at the bank donate time and talent (as board members or volunteers) for sev- eral area nonprofits, including Link to Libraries, the Food
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in the Pioneer Valley. For example, the United Way, the Red Cross, the National Alliance for Mental Illness, and Ronald McDonald House Charities all have affiliates based locally, in the Greater Springfield area. Donating directly to the local chapter may result in a larger local impact than donating at a national level. For example, a $100 donation to the national charity is pooled with other donations, and a portion is allocated to the local chapters. In that sense,
Bank of Western Massachusetts, Habitat for Humanity, the YMCA of Greater Springfield, and many others.
“The majority of the officers and staff here contribute one way or another — it’s part of our culture,” he noted. “There are many ways that people and businesses can sup- port a nonprofit.”
Cosenzi agreed, and noted that TommyCar Auto Group has provided support for area nonprofits in many differ- ent ways, from corporate sponsorships of events like the Hot Chocolate Run (to support Safe Passage) and the Mayflower Marathon (which supports Open Pantry) to a partnership with the Hampshire County Sheriff’s Depart- ment for the No Shave November program to raise money for cancer awareness.
And then, there’s the auto group’s own charity, the Tom Cosenzi Driving for the Cure Charity Golf Tournament,
giving nationally is still giving locally. But if you are pas- sionate about keeping your dollars in the local community, a $100 donation to the local chapter directly will likely have a greater impact as, typically, a smaller percentage of the donation will be allocated back up to the national-level charity.
Making Change
There are undeniable benefits to donating money to a charity. Charitable donations make you feel good, and you get that satisfaction of knowing your money can change someone’s world and the community they live in. Many charities are IRS-approved, so there are also tax incentives (charitable deductions) that you can take as a result of your
which this year raised more than $125,000 to support research at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and also gave $12,000 to the family of Stefan Godecki to help in his fight against the same form of brain cancer that claimed the life of Carla’s father, Tom Cosenzi.
Overall, the business has stepped up during these trying times and looked for new and different ways to give back, she said, adding that, even though they are facing trying times themselves, companies and individuals should be looking at how they can step as well.
“These charities are hurting as much as the local busi- nesses are,” Cosenzi said in conclusion. “I think that’s important for people to continue to commit to the commu- nity and to the charities that depend on us so much, and that people in need depend on.” v
  donation. And, of course, setting an example of giving is a great way to teach the spirit of generosity and empathy toward others.
If you’re looking to donate to a good cause, we encour- age you to research a need in your community. If the Pio- neer Valley is important to you, then ask yourself, ‘where can I give a buck locally?’ v
Donna M. Roundy, CPA is a senior manager, and Corey Jenkins, CPA is a senior associate, at the Holyoke-based accounting firm Meyers Brothers Kalicka, P.C.; (413) 536-8510.
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