Page 46 - Healthcare News Nov/Dec 2021
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 “Giving back to my community and the communities that surround it, isn't just important to me... it's essential”
-Carla Cosenzi
Giving You What You Want...
Experience The TommyCar Difference Our Best Price Guarantee.
All Pre-Owned Vehicles come complete with a 3 year/100,000 Mile TommyCar Certified Limited Warranty.
The simplest, most convenient way to buy, sell or service your vehicle. Including complimentary pick up
and drop off with a loaner. Get up to 15% back on every
dollar you spend with us.
And Giving Back In The Process...
When you do business with us your business does good. Together,we have donated over $3 million to
local organizations, schools and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.
Learn more at
You’re gonna love it here!

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