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Dr. Louis J.
Doctor and Owner, DeCaro Total Foot Care Center
 This Specialist Has Helped Patients of All Ages Take Huge Strides
DBy George O’Brien
r. Louis J. DeCaro is firm of the opinion that no one actu- ally has good feet.
Rather, experience tells him that everyone has one of 24 variations of bad feet.
“That includes high arches, low arches, no arches ... people come in and they think flat feet are the only bad feet,” said DeCaro, owner of Hatfield-based DeCaro Total Foot Care Center, referencing a chart of what he calls the ‘24 Foot Structures.’ “But you can have an arch that causes not foot pain, but back pain. So often, high-arch people have back pain, but they don’t realize it’s coming from their feet.”
This chart, and DeCaro’s extensive use of it to explain problems people are having now — or might have later — is just one of many reasons why he was named the Healthcare Hero for 2021 in the always-competitive Provider category. Indeed, he has made pediatric podiatry his specific specialty, and throughout his career he has
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helped people of all ages, but especially children, make great strides, both figuratively and quite literally.
He has done this through everything from education to complex surgical procedures, to the development of new orthotic products, such as littleSTEPS, orthoses created specifically for young people and designed to improve coordination, balance, pain, posture, and strength, while aiding in the development of a more stable and functional gait.
He even makes an impact through his photography. DeCaro, who travels often with his family and through his work, photographs
 To get a hug from a parent who tells me that their
child is finally walking or is able to run or keep up with their friends ... that’s really priceless.
animals wherever he goes and winds up selling prints of some of his best shots, with the proceeds going to help families in need offset the cost of orthotics.
Thus, his work can be — and often is — described as life-changing, and that’s why he finds all facets of it, but especially his work with children, so rewarding.
“People often ask me why I do pediatrics,” he said. “And I tell
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