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                                                           HEALTHCARE HEROES OF WESTERN MASSACHUSETTS
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These wildlife photos are among many DeCaro has sold to help families pay for needed orthotics for their children.
 Alaska — primarily his feet (paws), which are prominently on display.
When asked how he gets so close to his subjects, he quipped, “big lenses.”
Toeing the Line
In many ways, DeCaro has spent his career helping patients, and especially the younger ones,
understand the proverbial big picture when it comes to their feet and how they are never to be overlooked when it comes to one’s health, well- being, and quality of life.
Suffice it to say that he has made the most of that opportunity-knocks moment when he got on a plane bound for Florida and podiatry school. He found a profession that has been rewarding in every way imaginable.
But the real winners from that decision he made are his patients, who have benefited from his compassion, his desire to educate, and even his ingenuity and prowess as an entrepreneur.
His ability to change their lives has made him a Healthcare Hero. n
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Welcome Dr. Ben Saunders
Dr. Saunders joined the Specialty Clinic of VA Central Western Mass. in Worcester in April 2021. He was a 2016 graduate of the Boston University neurology program, with a fellowship in headache medicine at Dartmouth Medical Center. His specific interests include chronic headache management and post concussive headaches, and he is dedicated to serving Veterans with TBIs. Prior to joining the Worcester VA, he was employed at the Boston VA Medical Center as well as Baystate Medical Center in Springfield Massachusetts.
“Honoring America’s Veterans by providing exceptional care that improves their health and well-being.”
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