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   Lynnette Watkins says one of her first priorities will be meeting with as many community leaders and constituencies — as well as frontline caregivers and hospital staff — as possible.
“Many people have asked if the transition was difficult, and I’ve said that it was not,” she explained. “That’s because I found myself at peace moving from a clinical role to one that still has clinical elements, but instead of being the one-on-one patient-physician relationship, which is incredibly treasured, it’s one where I have the ability to impact multiple patients and improve the working lives of staff, medical staff, and other providers. I can make a bigger impact on a broader scale.”
She said there were many factors that went into her decision to come to CDH, summing them up with that often-used phrase “it was a perfect fit.” Elaborating, she said the area served by Cooley Dickinson, mostly Hampshire and Franklin counties, is one with a
great deal of need, and she has experi-
ence working with such populations, as
we’ll see.
  “When I say that
I stand on the shoulders of giants,
   Beyond that, she said this opportu- nity allows her an opportunity to take what she has learned at many different stops during her career and apply them to what will be a different — and obvi- ously significant — challenge.
Watkins said the learning process
has continued through COVID, which
she believes has brought out the very
best in those working in healthcare,
while also putting an even greater focus
on teamwork, collaboration, and innovation.
I don’t take that lightly, and first and foremost is my dad.”
“While there’s been a lot of challenge and a lot of sadness during the pandemic, there’s also been some wonderful lessons and teachings in the resilience of people, resilience of systems, the importance of self-care and downtime, and the importance of working with others and understanding that it’s OK to say, ‘I need help,’” she explained. “What this has also done is challenged us to innovate, whether it’s in processes, such as supply-chain initiatives with PPE or the distribution of vaccinations and other pharmaceu- ticals such as monoclonal antibody infusions, or working together in groups to really take care of our community.
“That resilience, that collaboration, that innovation, that devotion to self and others have really been positive,” she went on. “The patience and working with a team have really helped me grow — as an individual, as a physician, and as a healthcare leader.”
For this issue, HCN talked at length with Watkins about her latest assign- ment, why she came to CDH, and ... how being her father’s daughter will help her as she takes on this latest career challenge.
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