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In these times, many people will be working remotely. In addition to accessing Healthcare News online, readers may wish to add their home address. To do this, e-mail mailto:hallock@businesswest.com, visit https://healthcarenews.com/print-subscription/, or call 413.781.8600.

The novel coronavirus has changed virtually every facet of life here in Western Mass. — and across the country. It is a fast-moving story with far-reaching implications. Each day the situation changes. Those of us at Healthcare News will do our best to keep our readers informed and be that trusted source of information that everyone needs in times of crisis.

While the magazine publishes bi-monthly, its website, healthcarenews.com, will be updated repeatedly over the course of each day to help keep readers up to date with breaking news. Also, we will be posting stories on everything from how the healthcare community is responding to this crisis to what healthcare administrators, practice managers and healthcare staff must do to lead effectively in these unprecedented times. Visit HERE for our COVID-19 updates.

Healthcare News has been the go-to source for information about the region’s healthcare sector for nearly 20 years. We will continue to be that source in this time of unparalleled change and challenge.

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Healthcare News, published monthly, is the most trusted brand in the health care industry. Offering a wide range of resources from daily eNewsletters, specialty publications, award programs, networking events and educational programs.

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