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HCN News & Notes

CDH, City of Northampton Team Up for Breast-cancer Awareness
Linda Manor Assisted Living Hosts Seminars on Memory Loss
NAMI Mass Annual Convention Slated for Oct. 29
Mercy Continuing Care Network Recognized for Excellence
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  • Current Issues (October 2016)

    Numbers That Leap Off the Page – Growing Popularity of Trampoline Parks Leads to Jump in Injuries

    There are kids playing trampoline dodgeball, young people bouncing alone or with a friend or adult, teens testing their skills….

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    Also Inside

    The Misconceptions Surrounding Obesity

    For more than a decade, obesity has been recognized as an epidemic condition in the U.S., and the numbers certainly….

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    Recognizing the Devastating Impact of Opioid Use

    Used properly, the prescription pain pills known as opioids can be highly effective. They are also highly addictive. Last week,….

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    Exercise in Problem Solving- ECG Engineers Answers to Workplace-injury Issues

    When Shaun McConkey arrived at South Deerfield-based Pelican Products as director of operations a year ago, he found a company….

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    Lighting a Path

    Assoc. for Community Living Unveils New Name, VVM Partnership In a time of change for what, until recently, was known….

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    Difficult Decisions – Prostate Cancer Testing, Treatment Involve Personal Choice

    One in seven men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer at some point in their lifetime. “It’s a complicated disease,….

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    The Big Reveal – Genetic Counseling, Testing Can Be a Powerful — but Scary — Tool

    Knowledge is power. It can also be frightening. Genetic counseling and testing for cancer is a perfect example. Those are….

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    Taking Flight – NCI Embraces Scientific Road Map to Meet Cancer Moonshot Goals

    The National Cancer Institute (NCI) recently accepted the recommendations of a blue-ribbon panel on 10 scientific approaches most likely to….

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    Many Miles to Go – New Report Reveals Gaps, Barriers in Pediatric Cancer Research

    A first-of-its-kind joint report from the American Cancer Society and the Alliance for Childhood Cancer — compiling the latest information….

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    Changing with the Times – Progress Brings Some New Approaches on Breast Cancer

    Q: I am a 30-year breast-cancer survivor who, over the years, has attempted to keep up to date on the….

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    2016 or 1984? – Employee-monitoring Technology Raises Questions of Privacy

    Imagine a piece of technology, so small it could be mistaken for a credit card, that tracks every movement an….

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    Staying a Step Ahead – NIH Award Expands Landmark Alzheimer’s Biomarker Study

    The Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative (ADNI) — the long-running study, supported by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), investigating brain….

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    Career Pulse – Oct 16

    Jobbins Offers Care in Baystate Eastern Region PALMER — Baystate Wing Hospital announced that Dr. Kathryn Jobbins, has joined the….

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    Cloud Coverage – Before Moving Services to This Environment, Do Your Homework

    Cloud computing and data storage offer business owners significant benefits over classic, on-site methodologies. From global access to multi-device integration,….

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