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HCN News & Notes

Love to the Rescue Radiothon to Benefit Shriners Hospital
Joseph D. Freeman Bowl-a-Thon to Benefit Camphill Village
Webber & Grinnell Insurance Launches Employee Benefits Division
HMC Holds Beam-signing Ceremony for New ED, Medical Office Building
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  • Current Issues (September 2016)

    Joint Concerns – Medical Professionals Worry About Prospect of Legalized Marijuana

    Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin makes no secret of his stance on marijuana. He’s long promoted legalization of the drug for….

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    Also Inside

    A Challenging Transition from Paper to Digital

    For most physicians and patients, today’s office visit is quite different than it used to be. Gone are the days….

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    Legalizing Marijuana Edibles Would Endanger Children

    A study recently published in JAMA Pediatrics Journal shows that reports of accidental marijuana poisoning by young children and toddlers….

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    Shock to the System – Deep Brain Stimulation Changes Lives of Patients with Tremors

    Paul Schafer pressed a button on a small, handheld device, and started to shake. The tremors were subtle at first,….

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    Diet Dangers – Educator Sheds Some Light on Carbohydrates and Health

    Which of these foods contains the smallest number of carbohydrates: a can of soda, a bread roll, or a bowl….

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    Bridging the Gap – AIC Creates New Doctoral Program for Occupational Therapists

    Imagine the following scenarios: • A mother with multiple sclerosis is too weak to hug her children and wants to….

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    Study in Strategic – Thinking New Westfield State Leader Is Focused on Student Success

    Ramon Torrecilha recalls that, maybe 18 months or so ago, he was a candidate for a number of advertised college….

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    Building a Launchpad – Elms Unveils Its Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership

    Isiah Odunlami is an accountant by trade, currently handling audit and tax work for Springfield-based Moriarty & Primack. He enjoys….

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    Pay Attention to This Measure – State’s Pay-equity Legislation Requires Some Planning

    Early last month, Mass. Gov. Charlie Baker signed a new law aimed at strengthening pay equity for women in the….

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    Gender and Alzheimer’s – Initiative Explores Why More Women Than Men Have the Disease

    The first-ever Alzheimer’s Assoc. Sex and Gender in Alzheimer’s (SAGA) research grant awards will provide $2.2 million to nine projects….

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    Career Pulse – September 16

    Taylor Street Dental Welcomes Oh SPRINGFIELD — Taylor Street Dental announced the addition of Dr. Vincent Oh to its dental….

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    Questions About Cancer – Some Steps to Reduce Your Risk of Getting the Disease

    Q. Cancer runs in my family. Is there any truth to the fact that you can prevent cancer? A. Many….

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    Understanding the Rules – A Primer on Massachusetts Sales and Use Tax for Medical Practices

    Massachusetts, like many other states, has an intricate set of rules regarding the collection and remittance of sales and use….

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