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Mercy Medical Center Names Dr. Mark Dumais Chief Medical Officer
Austen Riggs Center Launches New Assessment Program
Former CIGNA Health CIO Terry Ramey Joins VertitechIT
Study Examines Veterans’ Addiction Risk Related to Childhood Adversity
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  • Current Issues (January 2018)

    The New Faces of Medical School – Baystate PURCH Program Puts Focus on Population Health

    Like most first-year students, Kathryn Norman entered medical school in August not knowing exactly what to expect. But there were….

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    Also Inside

    All the News That’s Fit to Hear – Valley Eye Radio Provides Information, Connectivity to Listeners

    Pat Duperre was getting ready to retire. And as she recalls those days and her plans for the ones to….

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    Six Key Practice Trends to Watch in 2018

    How will medical practice change in 2018? To some extent, we know. Throughout 2017, the looming question mark over the….

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    Childhood Traumas May Impact Heart Later

    Difficult childhood experiences — from bullying and neglect to physical and sexual abuse — are so prevalent that the American….

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    Life’s Work – Massachusetts Is Fertile Ground for Biotechnology Careers

    For college students — or career changers — seeking a career path with plenty of opportunity close to home, biotechnology….

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    Cost and Effect – More Business Steer Employees to High-deductible Health Plans

    More and more Americans are enrolling in health-insurance plans that require them to pay large deductibles before the plan starts….

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    Lessons from the #MeToo Wave – There Are Many, for Employers and Employees Alike

    As 2017 winds to a close, society continues to be rocked by the Harvey Weinstein scandal, the #MeToo movement, and….

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    The Power of Connection – ‘SuperAgers’ Suggest Link Between Social Life, Cognitive Health

    Scientific evidence about the importance of remaining socially engaged as we age continues to grow. Participating in social activities —….

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    Root Causes – Genetic Testing Holds Promise, but Proceed with Caution

    Q: I’ve seen and heard a lot lately about genetic testing, especially on television.  What is genetic testing, and what….

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    ON THE CALENDAR – January 2018

    Grandparents-to-be Class Jan. 7: Are you eagerly awaiting the birth of your first grandchild? Or maybe even your second or third?….

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    CAREER PULSE – January 2018

    Mercy Names Marthone Chief Nursing Officer SPRINGFIELD — Frances Gomes Marthone has been named chief Nursing officer (vice president of Patient….

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    A Quick Way to Save a Life – With Need for Blood Constant, It’s Always a Good Time to Donate

    The American Red Cross promotes blood donation year-round, but National Blood Donor Month provides an additional opportunity for awareness during a time….

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    Before It’s Too Late – Be Aware of Glaucoma, the ‘Sneak Thief of Sight’

    January is National Glaucoma Awareness Month, an important time to spread the word about this sight-stealing disease. Currently, more than 3….

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    In Search of Insight – Five Great Interview Questions When Hiring for Your Practice

    Hiring candidates who are a perfect fit for your healthcare practice is hard. Period. With the knowledge that getting it….

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