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HCN News & Notes

Dr. Tracy Hagerty Joins BMC Cardiology Services
Monson Savings Bank’s TGIF Program Raises Funds for MHA’s Good to Go
Cooley Dickinson Offers Program for Managing Diabetes and Prediabetes
United Bank to Help Government Employees Impacted by Shutdown
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  • Current Issues (Jan 2019)

    Mark Fulco in the ‘Mission Control’ room at Mercy Medical Center.
    Mercy Medical Takes a Six Sigma Approach to Healthcare

    By GEORGE O’BRIEN The sign on the door says ‘Mission Control.’ That’s a play on words, obviously. There’s a definite….

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    Also Inside

    Rapid Response – Nursing Programs Adjust to Changing Landscape, Growing Needs

    It wasn’t so long ago — OK, maybe it was 10 or even 12 years ago — when the primary….

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    Progressive Course – ABA Master’s Program at Elms Puts Students on Rewarding Path

    In many cases, Alyssa Clark says, progress — in whatever way it is measured — comes slowly.   But in….

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    Implanted Thoughts – Dr. David Hirsh Reflects on Decades of Change in Dentistry

    Early in his career, Dr. David Hirsh used to perform dental work for the then-Springfield Indians, and even back then,….

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    Expanding Access Massachusetts Dental Society Foundation Awards Grants

    The Massachusetts Dental Society (MDS) Foundation awarded a total of more than $75,000 in “Expanding Access to Dental Care” grants….

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    Seven Key Practice Trends for 2019

    How will medical practice evolve through 2019, and what do those changes mean for physicians? The Massachusetts Medical Society (MMS) has….

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    Time to Talk About Family Health History

    Healthcare professionals have known for a long time that common diseases like heart disease, cancer, and diabetes, as well as….

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    A Clear Roadmap – Trump’s NLRB Gives Employers More Guidance on Handbooks

    The National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) is a federal law that protects employees’ right to engage in concerted activity. Although….

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    A Key Connection Maintaining Good Vision May Stave Off Cognitive Decline

    During aging, loss of vision and cognition often coincide. In a new study, researchers funded by the National Eye Institute….

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    Baumer Named Manager at Hanger Clinic   SPRINGFIELD — Hanger Clinic, a leading provider of prosthetic and orthotic solutions, recently announced the….

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    ON THE CALENDAR – Jan 19

    Hanger Clinic to Host Prosthetist Featured in Dolphin Tale Films   Jan. 31: The world-renowned prosthetist portrayed by Morgan Freeman in the Dolphin Tale feature….

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    A Quick Way to Save a Life – With Need Constant, It’s Always a Good Time to Donate Blood

    The American Red Cross promotes blood donation year-round, but National Blood Donor Month provides an additional opportunity for awareness during….

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    Before It’s Too Late – Be Aware of Glaucoma, the ‘Sneak Thief of Sight’

    January is National Glaucoma Awareness Month, an important time to spread the word about this sight-stealing disease.   Currently, more….

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    New Year’s Practice Resolutions – Step Back and Focus on Where You’ve Been and Want to Go

    Jan. 1 is a new year, and a time where many individuals feel invigorated in life and look to move….

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    The Power of the Pause – In These Stressful Times, People Sometimes Just Need to Reboot

    Moira Garvey says that when a computer isn’t behaving properly — probably because it’s doing too many things at once….

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    2018 Giving Guide

    2018 Regional Philanthropic Opportunities   Go HERE to download this year’s Giving Guide   Created in partnership with (BusinessWest), the….

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