BFAIR, Greylock Federal Credit Union Promote Brain-injury Awareness

NORTH ADAMS — BFAIR and Greylock Federal Credit Union have partnered together to raise awareness during the month of March to promote brain-injury awareness. March is National Brain Injury Awareness Month.

In the U.S., more than 5.3 million children and adults have a brain injury, or about one in 60. Acquired brain injuries (ABI) are those that happen after birth and can result in physical, emotional, behavioral, and cognitive impairments. The primary causes of ABI are trauma, stroke, tumors, degenerative diseases, alcohol and other toxins, and lack of oxygen to the brain, according to the Brain Injury Assoc. of America.

With support from presenting sponsor Greylock Federal Credit Union, BFAIR will be distributing bike helmets to promote brain health and safety. More information on distribution will be available on the BFAIR website at

“We are excited to have the opportunity to share brain-injury awareness and prevention to our communities,” said Tara Jacobsen, Fundraising & Grants manager at BFAIR. “We will be sharing brain-injury prevention tips during the month of March on our social media. We are also collaborating with the Brain Injury Association of Massachusetts on a project called Unmasking Brain Injury. Residents of BFAIR’s ABI homes will have an opportunity to create a mask that shares their own personal story of living with a brain injury. These masks will be on display by the Brain Injury Association of Massachusetts.”