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 replaced with concern when she heard the specific demands of the assignment. Located in Southington, Conn., this family needed a live-in caregiver for three months for their loved one. The family specified they wanted a mature person, which they defined as 45 to 55 years old, and this person must speak Italian.
“That was our first call,” Holloman said. While uncertain she could find someone to meet all those criteria, she made it work, and the three-month as- signment lasted a year.
its core business, HomeCare Hands has also branched out as a staffing agency for hospitals, assisted-living communities, and other medical facilities.
The arrival of the pandemic aggravated an already-challenging situation with healthcare staffing.
“We saw the needs during the worst of the pandemic and asked
 “When necessary, we will pick up our caregivers for their shift and bring them back home. If they are willing to work, we will make sure to support them.”
how we could help,” said Angie Thornton, mar- keting coordinator for HomeCare Hands. “The answer was to do some- thing about the lack of staff in all these facilities.”
Achieving this level
of growth, diversity, and
reputation within a highly
competitive market has not come easily. Overall, Holloman attributes the compa-
The office staff at HomeCare Hands, which has branched out beyond home care and become a staffing agency for hospitals and other facilities as well.
At Home with the Idea
It was not so long ago that Holloman developed a formal business plan for HomeCare Hands and faced constant rejection from banks and other avenues of funding.
Please see HomeCare, page 63
 “This was our first client, first caregiver, first anything,” she said. “Since then, we’ve built on that success and haven’t stopped.”
These days, HomeCare Hands boasts more than 200 caregivers and employees. Headquartered in Springfield, the agency has offices in Northampton, Greenfield, Boston, and Hartford, with coverage ex- tending to communities surrounding those locations.
While providing caregivers for the home remains
ny’s success to going the extra mile when it comes to helping the caregivers they hire — quite literally, as we’ll see — and finding creating ways to meet client needs.
“We know this is more than a business — these are lives we’re responsible for,” she said. “We come to work to take care of folks and to make sure caregivers and clients alike are getting what they need.”
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