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  Allison Vorderstrasse says the $21.5 million gift from the Marieb Foundation will allow the nursing program to move forward with its mission more rapidly.
An Impactful Gift
 UMass Amherst College of Nursing
T Receives$21.5MillionDonation By George O’Brien
 ransformative. “
Allison Vorderstrasse acknowledged that this is a powerful word with specific meaning; it is This gift will
not, or should not be, used arbitrarily.
But when it comes to the $21.5 million donation from the Elaine Nicpon Marieb Foundation to
UMass Amherst, and, more specifically, its College of Nursing — the largest single gift ever given to the school — that descriptive adjective certainly fits.
support multiple
areas of our mission that align
Marieb’s legacy.”
“We know that, in order to transform care, we must first transform education,” said Vorderstrasse, dean of the
school of Nursing, noting that the school will now bear the name of the woman who graduated with a master’s so well with Elaine
degree from the program in 1985 and passed away in 2018. “As a center of discovery — and true to our namesake — the Elaine Marieb College of Nursing will inspire individual and collective growth as we help prepare tomor- row’s leaders and advance the field.

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