Women’s Fund Issues Call to Support Reproductive Health and Transportation Justice

SPRINGFIELD — The Women’s Fund of Western Massachusetts (WFWM) has joined efforts with the Western Massachusetts Transportation Advocacy Network to work on an education and awareness campaign at the intersection of reproductive health and transportation justice.

The campaign seeks to educate the community about the prevalence and proximity of crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs), which are anti-abortion counseling centers that operate under the guise of providing medical care and social services, but whose goal is to deceive, shame, and pressure people about their reproductive-health decisions. Many do not have medical licenses.

The WFWM campaign is collecting testimonials related to accessing abortion or reproductive care and the transportation barriers people face when attempting to access care. The WFWM will share these anonymous stories across its social-media accounts on Tuesday, Oct. 18, which is Pro-Life Day of Silence. Click here to share your story and learn more about the campaign.