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HCN News & Notes

12,000 Children in Bay State Still lack in Insurance
Greenfield Center for Wellness Set to Open
Elms Names YWCA Director Elizabeth Dineen New Trustee
Baystate Mary Lane to Host Colon Health Program on March 20
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  • November 2013

    Have a Plan for Visiting the ER

    Patients know it can be crowded, sometimes resulting in long waits. Physicians might say it operates with “organized chaos.” However….

    Primary-care Shortage is Changing the Way Services Are Delivered

    The shortage of primary-care physicians, besides creating longer wait times for both new and existing patients, is also changing how….

    Slim Pickings Obesity Rates Fall, but There’s Plenty of Room for Improvement

    Despite all the talk of childhood obesity in the media and schools, the percentage of the state’s public-school students who….

    Tooth Tellers – Baystate Dental, Sweitzer Firm Mark 30 Years of Growing Together

    Craig Sweitzer’s company has built more than 75 medical and dental practices over the past 30 years. The first of….

    Call to Action – National Ambulance is Responding to Needs in the Marketplace

    They call him ‘Vladimir.’ That’s the culturally correct name that two Russian emigrants and eventual EMTs, Avdey and Kirill Adzigirey,….

    Setting a Course Mary-Beth Cooper Takes the Helm at Springfield College

    Mary-Beth Cooper says her dog, Dakota, feels right at home on the picturesque Springfield College campus. The 8-year-old yellow lab….

    Eliminating Guesswork – Effective Legal Planning for People with Alzheimer’s Disease

    Although it is important for everyone to plan for their future, legal planning for those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease takes….

    Beat the Winter Blues – Shedding Some Light on the Common Problem of Seasonal Sadness

    As the days get shorter, many people find themselves feeling sad. You might feel blue around the winter holidays, or….

    When Eating Is an Inner Struggle – New Treatment Programs Developed to Combat Eating Disorders

    It practically goes without saying that human beings need to eat. Eating is not only necessary for survival, but what….

    March of Dimes Honors HMC Nurse Couchon

    HOLYOKE — Brian Couchon, a nurse at Holyoke Medical Center, has been named Nurse of the Year by the March….

    BMC Pathologist Dr. Richard C. Friedberg Named President-Elect of College of American Pathologists

    SPRINGFIELD – Dr. Richard C. Friedberg, chair of the Department of Pathology at Baystate Medical Center, was sworn in as….

    The Importance of Asset Allocation -Make Sure You Select a Strategy That is Right for You

    The most important investing decision for individual investors who are still working is how much to save from their paycheck…..

    Linda Manor Earns Prestigious National Quality Award

    LEEDS — Of the approximately 16,000 skilled nursing centers in the U.S., fewer than 1% have been awarded the Gold….

    AdCare Hospital Recognizes Two Employees for Excellence

    WORCESTER — AdCare Hospital recently honored Dale Coulter, nurse manager, with the Eunice Roddy Award for Excellence in Patient Services,….

    Hampshire Orthopedics Joins Cooley Dickinson Practice Associates

    NORTHAMPTON — Hampshire Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, also known as Hamp Ortho and HOSM, joined Cooley Dickinson Practice Associates (CDPA)….

    Bay State Health’s Spirit of Women Conference Slated for Nov. 8

    SPRINGFIELD — Juliet Funt, life-balance expert and daughter of Candid Camera’s Allen Funt, will be the keynote speaker at Baystate….

    Baystate Mary Lane Hospital Announces Upcoming Support Groups

    WARE — Facing a major illness or stressful life change can be a daunting prospect. Although support and self-help groups….

    Cooley Dickinson Hospital Reduces Infection with UV Light

    NORTHAMPTON — A study published in the August 2013 issue of the American Journal of Infection Control demonstrates that the….

    Country Bank Pledges $700,000 to Baystate Mary Lane Hospital

    A ribbon-cutting ceremony was staged last month for the upgraded general radiography unit in the Baystate Mary Lane Hospital Radiology….

    Sarat Family to Chair 49th Noble Ball; Fundraiser Slated for Nov. 9

    SPRINGFIELD — Noble Hospital is preparing for the 49th Noble Ball, co-chaired by the Sarat Family. The Mardi Gras-themed event….

    Grass Roots Effort – Medical Marijuana Poses Business Opportunities — and Concerns

    One year ago, marijuana use was illegal in Massachusetts. Now, it falls under the category of economic development. “It’s a….

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