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Achieve TMS East Shares Warning Signs of Suicide

NORTHAMPTON — Depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts have no socioeconomic boundaries. Mental illness can affect anyone at any stage of their life, and the effects can be as devastating as any other disease or disorder. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), “in 2016, suicide was the 10th-leading cause of death overall in the United States, claiming the lives of nearly 45,000 people.” Studies have shown that 50{06cf2b9696b159f874511d23dbc893eb1ac83014175ed30550cfff22781411e5} of people who commit suicide suffer from depression.

The team at Achieve TMS East understands the correlation between depression and the risk of suicide. In order to help those at risk, it wishes to share the Anxiety and Depression Assoc. of America guidelines for identifying people at risk for suicide.

Warning signs include someone talking about being a burden to others, feeling trapped, experiencing unbearable pain, having no reason to live, or killing themselves.

Specific behaviors to look for include increased use of alcohol or drugs, looking for a way to kill themselves (such as searching online for materials or means), acting recklessly, withdrawing from activities, isolating from family and friends, sleeping too much or too little, visiting or calling people to say goodbye, giving away prized possessions, and aggression.

Moods those considering suicide often display include depression, loss of interest, rage, irritability, humiliation, and anxiety.

If you are in crisis, call the toll-free National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at (800) 273-8255, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This service is available to anyone. All calls are confidential.

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