AMA Adopts Policies to Improve the Nation’s Health

 CHICAGO — The American Medical Association (AMA) voted this week to adopt new policies aimed at improving the health of the nation. The new policies were approved during the voting session of the AMA’s Annual Meeting. The policies adopted by the House of Delegates include: 

Making diapers tax free 

The AMA called for removing the sales tax on child and adult diapers, a tax levied in 36 states. In addition, the AMA called for the inclusion of child and adult incontinence products as a qualified medical expense for Health Savings Accounts. 


Denouncing medical repatriation 

The AMA denounced the policy of forced medical repatriation – the policy of transferring undocumented patients in need of care to their country of origin.  


Protecting physician whistleblowers 

As more physicians become employed by nonphysician organizations such as hospitals, corporations or private equity, the AMA is calling on states and the federal government to develop legislation to protect physicians who report safety and other concerns.  


Legislation should protect physicians from corporate, workplace and employer retaliation when reporting safety, harassment, or fraud concerns. This also should apply to the government when employing independent and third-party contractors to care for patients.