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American Lung Assoc. Launches Vape-Free Schools Scholarship Fund

BOSTON — Currently, nearly 20% of American teens are vaping, and close to 25% are using at least one tobacco product, becoming the next generation addicted to tobacco. In Massachusetts, the high-school tobacco-use rate is an alarming 37%.

To combat this trend, the American Lung Assoc. (ALA) announced the Vape-Free Schools Scholarship Fund, a new effort to fund schools’ implementation of the Vape-Free Schools Initiative so more kids can access cessation, support, and education services.

The scholarship drive seeks to raise funds to give schools across the country access to the program. With a cost of $400 per training seat, the goal is to raise $400,000 to serve 1,000 schools in need by the end of 2021. Through this scholarship drive, the ALA will enable faculty and students in Massachusetts to access the association’s proven vaping intervention and cessation programs.

“With 37% of Massachusetts high-school students using tobacco products, our communities need help in supporting students impacted by tobacco use,” said Deborah Brown, chief mission officer at the ALA. “As the nation’s trusted champion of lung health, the American Lung Association is proud to offer Massachusetts schools, parents, and students proven approaches to end youth vaping in our communities and help local students quit their addiction and prevent future generations from getting hooked.”

The Vape-Free Schools Initiative provides school administrators and educators with training to offer an alternative-to-suspension program for students found vaping, smoking, or chewing on school property, and a voluntary vaping/tobacco cessation program for youth wanting to quit for good.

For more information or to submit a school for scholarship consideration, visit lung.org/vape-free-schools or e-mail vapefree@lung.org.