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Bay Path Adapts Master’s in Public Health Program to Confront Today’s Challenges

LONGMEADOW — Students applying to Bay Path University’s master’s in public health (MPH) program will have the opportunity to earn their degree through an experiential curriculum that has been redeveloped to confront the challenges faced by today’s public-health sector.

“We’ve thoughtfully readjusted our program to align with specific careers in the public-health field, and we’re leaning into collaboration, working across areas of expertise to widen perspectives and share resources,” said Julie Watson, director of Bay Path’s master’s in public health program. “This gives students the opportunity to comprehensively look at issues and work together to develop solutions. These are the skills people need to effectively lead organizations.”

MPH students will collaborate across disciplines with instructors and students in Bay Path’s MS in healthcare management, MS in nonprofit management, and doctor of health science programs.

In addition, the university has launched career-focused concentrations in health informatics, nonprofit management, organizational excellence in healthcare, and productive aging, creating stackable credentials and structured pathways for continuous career growth in this crucial sector.

“Public health, like all sectors, is constantly and rapidly changing. The work — and the skills necessary to perform it well — are being shaped and reshaped by innovation, technology, and the shifting needs of the population, and we need programs that allow people to grow their skill sets at the pace of all these changes,” Watson noted.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects overall employment of health educators and community health workers to grow 12% from 2021 to 2031, much faster than the average for all occupations.

Bay Path is currently accepting applications to its master’s in public health program for the spring 2024 semester. Click here for more information.