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Baystate Health Announces New Visitor Check-in Log

SPRINGFIELD — For the continued safety of patients, visitors, and staff during the coronavirus pandemic all Baystate Health hospitals have implemented a visitor check-in log as part of their visitation policies.

Visitors to Baystate Medical Center and Baystate Children’s Hospital in Springfield, Baystate Franklin Medical Center in Greenfield, Baystate Noble Hospital in Westfield, and Baystate Wing Hospital in Palmer will be asked to provide their full name and phone number to be recorded in the log, as well as the name of the patient they are visiting. Visitors must also provide a photo ID.

In June, Baystate Health resumed hospital visiting hours, which are daily from noon to 8 p.m.

Visitors coming to Baystate Medical Center should allow for extra time for the enhanced check-in process, especially during peak visiting hours from noon to 1 p.m.

One visitor at a time is allowed in the hospital for non-COVID patients at Baystate Medical Center, Baystate Noble Hospital, Baystate Wing Hospital, and Baystate Franklin Medical Center. Baystate Children’s Hospital allows one parent or guardian or one visitor. No visitors are allowed in emergency departments.

No visitors are allowed for COVID-19 patients at all hospitals, except:

• Patients under age 18 are allowed one parent or guardian;

• OB patients who are in labor are allowed one birthing partner;

• Hospice patients and end-of-life patients are allowed one person and one clergy member per day; and

• Patients with disabilities, including physical and cognitive, are allowed one companion.

Visitors must travel directly to and from the patient’s room when entering and leaving the hospital, and will not be permitted in common areas such as waiting rooms, cafeterias, or gift shops.

The visitation process for patients attending outpatient appointments or visiting outpatient practices remains the same. No visitors can accompany patients, with the following exceptions:

• One parent or guardian for a patient age 18 or younger; and

• One companion for patients with disabilities, including physical and cognitive.

Masks must be worn correctly at all times at all Baystate Health facilities. Visitors wearing masks with vents are not allowed and will be issued an approved mask from the hospital.

All visitation is at the discretion of Baystate Health. For the latest information on visitor guidelines, visit baystatehealth.org/visitors.