Baystate Mary Lane Hospital Salutes Nurses as Part of Centennial

WARE — Baystate Mary Lane Hospital recently recognized National Nurses Week by honoring the many diverse specialties that comprise nursing care at the hospital. The Nursing Department unveiled a wall display commemorating 100 years of nursing service at BMLH.

“From emergency and ICU to med/surg, oncology, obstetrics, and surgery — our nurses all have so many wonderful characteristics,” said Christine Shirtcliff, president of Baystate Mary Lane Hospital. “They are champions and work tirelessly to advocate for their patients as they provide the highest quality of care to patients and their families. Our nurses are the backbone of our medical community, committed to excellence and inspired by compassion.”

“Nurses are given an opportunity to become a part of patients and their families’ lives, and that is a great privilege,” added Jean Comeau, emergency nurse at then hospital. “At the end of the day, I know that my work has importance and that the care I have given will have an effect on my patient’s life forever.”

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