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Baystate Medical Center Initiates ‘Code Rocky’ to Discharge COVID-19 Patients

SPRINGFIELD — ‘Code Rocky’ began on one of Baystate Medical Center’s care units as a way for caregivers to recognize and celebrate the recovery and discharge of a COVID-19 patient, with cheers and the theme song from the movie Rocky playing in the background. When Tejas Gandhi, Baystate Medical Center’s chief operating officer, heard what staff were doing on the floor, he suggested taking the idea a little bit further.

Now, with the patient’s consent, a Code Rocky mobilizes Baystate team members throughout the hospital to gather in the Daly Lobby — dressed in their personal protective equipment from masks to gowns — to provide a standing ovation and a warm sendoff for the patient and to acknowledge the care team while the Rocky theme song is played.

As one Baystate employee said about this random act of kindness, “this is what my heart needed. Thank you, Baystate healthcare workers, for making a difference.”