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Baystate Noble Wins Financial-improvement Award

WESTFIELD — Baystate Noble Hospital recently accepted the 2014 Financial Improvement Performance award at the 2015 MedAssets Healthcare Business Summit. Every year, this award is presented to a healthcare organization that achieved significant financial improvement and realized substantial cash acceleration in 2014.

MedAssets is a performance-improving company that focuses on helping providers understand financial and operational gains so they can effectively serve the needs of their community. Its main focus is the healthcare industry and its core values include compassion, character, confidence, and commitment. MedAssets values people who are committed to supporting their clients in upholding their cherished healthcare missions. They have a passion to improve healthcare and find it essential to value relationships with organizations such as Baystate Noble Hospital.

“This award helps to validate all the hard work we have put into it and that we are on the right track,” said Cristina Fialho, revenue coordinator at Baystate Noble Hospital.