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Baystate to Host Free Heart & Vascular Health Lecture Series

SPRINGFIELD — Baystate Medical Center will host its free Heart & Vascular Health Lecture Series during the month of February, beginning with a look at “Veins: Varicose Veins and Other Issues Related to Venous Disease” on Sunday, Feb. 4.

The Heart & Vascular Health Lecture Series, presented by the Baystate Heart & Vascular Program as part of American Heart Month, will focus on presentations designed by Baystate Medical Center physicians to inform those attending on the latest advances in heart and vascular care and how they can maintain or improve their heart and vascular health.

Vascular surgeon Dr. Amanda Kravetz of Baystate Vascular Services will present the first of four free seminars at the Baystate Health Education Center on 361 Whitney Ave. in Holyoke, all from noon to 2 p.m. Her presentation will focus on the complex network of veins running throughout the legs, and the important role veins play in the vascular system. Participants will learn what causes varicose veins and if they are harmful, as well as additional information on venous disease and treatment options.

The free lectures will continue with “TAVR – an Update: Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement, an Alternative to Traditional Heart-valve Therapy” on Sunday, Feb. 11, featuring interventional cardiologist Dr. Ashequl Islam of Baystate Cardiology. He will provide an update on the increasing use of TAVR as an option for aortic heart-valve disorders, and offer participants a look at how TAVR differs from traditional heart-valve surgery and who qualifies for the procedure. 

On Sunday, Feb. 18, cardiac electrophysiologist Dr. Bernard Lim of Baystate Cardiology will present “Atrial Fibrillation: What Causes It and Treatment Options for Both New Onset and Long-term Management of AFIB.” The session will focus on the prevalence of AFIB — a common irregular heart rhythm in older adults — and its causes and treatment options for those newly diagnosed and those with chronic, longstanding AFIB.

The series will conclude on Sunday, Feb. 25 with “Living with Heart Failure: a Review, Managing Symptoms, and Latest Treatments,” presented by advanced-heart-failure specialist Dr. Mara Slawksy of Baystate Cardiology. She will look at the causes of heart failure, symptom management, and treatment options to strengthen and support the heart’s pumping function.

Light, heart-healthy refreshments will be served at the lectures, and educational handouts on heart and vascular health will be provided. Parking is free. Registration is required for each session by visiting baystatehealth.org/events or calling (413) 794-5200.