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Baystate Wing Hospital Reopens Interfaith Chapel, Spiritual Space

PALMER — In the hospital setting, where the primary focus is often on physical healing, the significance of spiritual and emotional well-being is considered just as important. At Baystate Wing Hospital, the care team understands that healing is a holistic process that encompasses the mind, body, and spirit.

“It is with great excitement we announce the reopening of our interfaith chapel and spiritual space, a sanctuary dedicated to nurturing the spiritual and emotional health of our patients, their families, and our staff,” said Michele LaPrade, volunteer coordinator for Baystate Wing Hospital. “For years, our chapel has offered a quiet space for our caregivers, patients, and visitors, but it was showing its age and needed to be refreshed.”

Located on the first floor of the hospital, the newly refreshed space is open to all faiths, cultures, and spiritual beings. It features a stained-glass-looking Tree of Life, which symbolizes love, gratitude, and protection. The furnishings for the chapel were made possible through the support of the Baystate Health Foundation.

The Baystate Wing chapel and spiritual space embodies the hospital’s commitment to providing comprehensive care that respects and honors the diverse spiritual needs of our community. Designed to be inclusive and welcoming, the chapel offers a tranquil environment where individuals can find solace, meditate, pray, or simply reflect.

“We understand the importance of meeting the spiritual and emotional needs of our patients and their families. It is a key part of caring for the whole person,” said Karli Barrett, chief Nursing officer and chief administrative officer for Baystate Wing Hospital.

Volunteers are currently being sought to fill positions in various departments, including greeters and patient-care areas. Anyone interested in being an interfaith spiritual-care volunteer or other type of volunteer should contact LaPrade at (413) 370-5295 or michele.laprade@baystatehealth.org. An online application is available at www.baystatehealth.org/aboutus/volunteer.com.