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Baystate Wing Rehabilitation and Audiology Move to New Location on Campus

PALMER — The Baystate Wing Hospital Physical Therapy, Audiology, and Rehabilitation team will relocate into the Griswold Building located on the Baystate Wing campus effective Monday, May 8.

“Improving access for patients to the physical-therapy and rehabilitation team is essential,” said Tim Murphy, clinical rehabilitation supervisor for Baystate Rehabilitation Care – Palmer, located in Baystate Wing Hospital. “The same great team our community has come to know and depend on will continue to deliver exceptional care in this new space.”

Jeanne Coburn, audiology supervisor for Baystate Rehabilitation Care – Palmer, added that “audiology is looking forward to providing state-of-the-art care in our new wheelchair-accessible soundbooth that is equipped with the latest technology for hearing care for patients of all ages.”

Ron Bryant, president of Baystate Health Regional Hospitals, noted that the relocation and renovations to the new space for rehabilitation services was a $1.7 million investment. “Moving into the Griswold building will improve access to services for community members in need of rehabilitation and audiology care. In the hospital, the rehabilitation clinic was located on the second floor — a long walk for patients, many of whom already had mobility issues and were seeking physical therapy for that reason. The Griswold building has ample parking and easy access to the entrance of the building and to our care team.”

Murphy explained that the move to the new location includes renovating the space with new walls, flooring, cabinets, signage, furniture, and equipment. “Another benefit of the move is the extra space for our team and patients. In addition to the open gym space, there are five private treatment rooms. There are two private audiology rooms, each equipped with a soundbooth and hearing-aid programming equipment.”