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Beauty Batlles Lounge Announces New Location

CHICOPEE — Beauty Batlles Lounge announced it will be relocating to a larger, more expansive space at 46 Cabot St. in downtown Chicopee.

At the new location, Beauty Batlles Lounge, an advanced beauty and wellness spa, will offer a larger scale of wellness services, including cryotherapy, to its clientele, as well as new job opportunities within the community.

The new lounge will consist of new equipment allowing Beauty Batlles to offer cryo facial, cryo body sculpt, cryo skin, and cryo hair rejuvenation. Cryotherapy, also known as cold therapy, exposes the body to cold temperatures to heal and treat various medical ailments. Beauty Batlles’ new lounge will offer services to clients that will help them feel rejuvenated and fresh from the inside and out.

“I am thrilled to have the opportunity to bring a larger scale of services to our clients, but most importantly, offer new job opportunities to our community,” said Ashley Batlle, founder of Beauty Batlles Lounge.

Beauty Batlles Lounge uses cutting-edge technology and medical-grade products to customize treatment to clients’ specific needs and deliver self-confidence to individuals who have been struggling with insecurities. Their new lounge will allow the business to serve the community more effectively, offering beauty and wellness services that have not been available in the area previously.