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Beauty Batlles Lounge Launches the Hero Project to Give Back

CHICOPEE — Beauty Batlles Lounge is looking to the community to support a virtual fundraiser, the Hero Project. The funds raised from the Hero Project will be used to provide complimentary self-care services at Beauty Batlles Lounge, to treat the healthcare workers and first responders of the community with some self-care once this COVID-19 pandemic ends.

With a goal of thanking those on the front lines for the seemingly endless, emotional, and heartbreaking days they have had to endure during the pandemic, Beauty Batlles Lounge is hopeful the community will show their support by donating and helping raise funds for the Hero Project. The total funds raised will be reserved and used to provide complimentary self-care services for those real-life heroes at Beauty Batlles Lounge, located at 661 Front St., Suite B, in Chicopee. Each service provided from Beauty Batlles Lounge’ special Hero Project menu will be deducted from the balance until the amount is depleted. The funds raised will be available for use by healthcare professionals, police officers, firefighters, EMTs, and employees of sheriffs’ departments.

“My husband is a corrections officer who, along with many others, reports into work with the stress of potentially bringing this virus to work or bringing it home,” said Ashley Batlle, founder of Beauty Batlles Lounge and creator of the Hero Project.

Beauty Batlles Lounge is looking to the community to encourage donations to the Hero Project fundraising page and spread the word across social platforms. Fundraising pages are suggested to be made personal, by letting donors know why you’re fundraising and passionate about the Hero Project. Batlle is asking that, along with contributions to the fund, individuals also share their COVID-19 experience as an essential employee or as someone with an essential employee in their life.

The steps to donate and/or share the fundraising page are simple: visit, click on ‘the Hero Project’ in the header, and then click on ‘share’ or ‘donate now.’

A common theme across social-media platforms today is a continuous news feed of ‘mask looks,’ stories of COVID-19 experiences, and constant reminders for the general public to stay home and stay away. For many, this pandemic hits close to home as medical professionals, EMTs, police officers, and others are living in a constant state of stress because of this invisible, silent threat.

“We live in a world where self-care is so important,” Batlle said. “If we are not taking care of ourselves, how can we take care of others? I believe that the Hero Project will give our medical professionals and first responders a light at the end of this craziness.

“We all have had to deal with our own life changes during this pandemic,” she added, “but I believe that we should celebrate those that are fighting to keep us alive and safe at this moment.”