Behavioral Health Network Launches New Website

SPRINGFIELD — Behavioral Health Network (BHN) recently completed and launched a total rebuild of the organization’s website,, which has created a better user experience through a more intuitive platform to access BHN’s many programs and services across its large geographic footprint.

After a thorough research and review process, BHN determined the need for a new, more responsive, ADA-compliant website that provides a better user experience and is fully mobile-friendly to more easily direct those seeking services to its programs and locations. The new website also has an interactive map that empowers users to explore BHN’s locations based on their specific service needs.

The planning process engaged staff, senior leadership, and a survey of internal program managers. Data and analytics were also used during the process to identify how users interact with BHN’s digital presence and improve access and visibility to the services and topics impactful to them.

The new website was developed with the intent to dramatically improve the user experience for individuals served by BHN, current and potential employees and staff, referrers, providers, current and potential donors, stakeholders, policymakers, and media, through streamlined design, improved functionality, and increased accessibility. Future phases include an intelligent search feature, live chat, and other ongoing performance enhancements.

According to Kathy Wilson, BHN president and CEO, “our new website offers greater access and clarity about our services for our participants and those looking for services. The field of behavioral health is rapidly changing, and our new website reflects our responses to meet the growing needs of the region. Part of the focus is a mobile-friendly website that meets those we serve where they access the internet and provides easy access to our locations.”

The new website was designed by Wild Apple Design Group. Paul Robbins Associates Strategic Communications, BHN’s communications agency, served as project lead for the development of the new website.

According to Amy Scott, founder and owner of Wild Apple Design Group, “BHN has a complex array of services that intersect with locations and programs. Our goal was to meet their objectives to design and build a highly functional, visually beautiful website that communicates easily to internal and external audiences.”

The BHN website had more than 96,000 visitors in the past year, with 63% of traffic coming from Massachusetts.