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Benchmark Employees Perform More Than 1,000 Acts of Kindness

WILBRAHAM, AGAWAM — Nearly everyone has heard of random acts of kindness, but Benchmark Senior Living employees took things up a notch by committing more than 1,000 ‘radiant acts of kindness’ during the month of June in the towns and neighborhoods where their 54 senior-living communities are located.

If you live near Orchard Valley at Wilbraham or the Atrium at Cardinal Drive in Agawam, the two local Benchmark Senior Living communities, you may have received a sunshine jar filled with candy to brighten your day, some cold beverages on an oppressive afternoon, or a Dunkin’ Donuts gift card for your next coffee.

“This is Benchmark’s 20th-anniversary year,” said Tom Grape, the company’s founder and CEO, “and we wanted to give back to the communities and families that have supported our company’s growth since 1997. So every one of our 54 senior-living communities across seven Northeast states committed to performing at least 20 radiant acts of kindness during June in their local neighborhoods and towns.”

Carol Green, executive director of Orchard Valley of Wilbraham, said the associates at her facility enjoyed giving back to the Wilbraham community with more than 20 acts of kindness. “We love our neighbors and this community and loved the opportunity to give back.”

Cheryl Moran, executive director of the Atrium at Cardinal Drive, echoed those sentiments. “We always have fun at work, but we were able to share our fun with the local community by doing over 20 radiant acts of kindness throughout the month.”