Benoit Named Nurse Specialist

NORTHAMPTON – Jeffrey J. Benoit, R.N., C.R.N.I., a former evening nursing supervisor at Cooley Dickinson Hospital, was recently appointed to the position of Emergency Department (ED) clinical nurse specialist.


In mid-January, Benoit, a registered nurse with additional certification in intravenous therapy, transitioned to the newly created clinical nurse specialist position. Benoit joins three clinical nurse specialists, Barbara Banik, Lois Kelley, and Barbara Wroblewski, who were hired in the fall to assist hospital administration with planning, developing, and implementing new patient care systems.

“The clinical nurse specialists fill the roles of teacher, mentor, expert nurse, consultant, facilitator, and researcher,” said Benoit.

“My first goal will be to look at the flow of patients through the Emergency Department. We must constantly examine how patients are moving through the ED, either as outpatients or as patients who are stabilized and later admitted to the inpatient areas. We will examine how we can move patients through the system more efficiently with fewer delays while improving wait times as well as the patient admission process.”

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