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Berkshire Bank Donates Needed Technology to MHA

SPRINGFIELD — Berkshire Bank recently donated 95 pieces of technology, including laptop computers, desktop computers and monitors, keyboards, cables, and mice, to MHA, enabling the agency to make much-needed technology upgrades in its residential programs in Western Mass. In addition, Berkshire Bank made a financial donation of $2,500 to MHA.

Prior to the donation, Berkshire Bank had all of the computers, which are Dell products, digitally wiped and independently certified as having all data erased. That means they are ready for MHA to set up either as standalone computers or as part of a network. The value of the computer equipment donated to MHA totals $26,000.

“Berkshire Bank is big on helping in our community, and we’re glad to be donating where we can,” said Todd Byers, first vice president, IT Service Management for Berkshire Bank in Pittsfield. “We encourage people to be first in everything they do so we strive ourselves to be first to help community-focused organizations such as MHA that are doing great things for people who need some help.”

Kimberley Lee, vice president, Resource Development & Branding for MHA, added that “MHA is so excited to receive these computers from Berkshire Bank. Especially for residents of MHA group homes whose opportunities to attend day programs and other activities have been scaled back due to the pandemic, these computers will bring more of the world to them. Our IT staff is eager to get these systems set up so the folks we serve, along with our staff, can start using them right away. And to receive a financial donation of $2,500 on top of all these computers is extra-generous. We are thrilled and so very thankful to our friends at Berkshire.”