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Berkshire Healthcare Systems Facilities Win Customer and Employee Approved Awards

PIONEER VALLEY — Berkshire Healthcare Systems, which has multiple affiliates in the Pioneer Valley, has earned both 2019 Employee and Customer Approved Awards from healthcare-intelligence firm NRC Health. The award recognizes senior-care organizations across the country for engaging and inspiring their employees by creating an outstanding culture and an outstanding care experience for their customers.

Charlene Manor Extended Care Facility of Greenfield, Linda Manor Assisted Living and Extended Care Facilities of Leeds, and Day Brook Village Life Care Community of Holyoke are all included as part of this award.

“We are proud that our Pioneer Valley affiliates have been recognized for having some of our nation’s best senior-care communities,” said Debbie Richardson, vice president of Talent Management for Berkshire Healthcare Systems. “We are committed to providing exceptional customer experiences and clinical quality, and these awards show that our efforts are succeeding. Congratulations to the staff throughout our organization for being relentless with their efforts to provide superior care.”

Across the nation, only 20 independent-living, assisted-living, or skilled-nursing organizations earned this distinction. Winners were selected according to the results from NRC Health’s 2018 Employee Experience Survey and 2018 Resident and Family Experience Survey. To qualify, organizations must have a high percentage of respondents willing to recommend their locations as places to work or as an independent, assisted-living, post-surgery rehabilitation, or long-term housing placement for their families and friends. This measure is known as the Net Promoter Score, and it strongly correlates with employee engagement, organizational loyalty, and job and customer satisfaction. 

Berkshire Healthcare Systems was one of only six organizations that appeared on both the Employee and Customer Approved Award lists nationally and one of only two in Massachusetts, ranking eighth in the nation for the Employee Approved Award and 14th in the nation for the Customer Approved Award.

“This year’s winning organizations are great examples of the success that comes from cultivating consistent customer and employee experiences,” said Stephanie Kolbo, vice president of Business Development for NRC Health. “As survey results show, their efforts have not gone unnoticed by residents, family members, and employees. It’s NRC Health’s pleasure to recognize their achievement.”