Berkshire Innovation Center Announces Completion of Project Frontline Documentary

PITTSFIELD — The Berkshire Innovation Center (BIC) announced that two of its member organizations, Boyd Biomedical and Digital Eyes Film, have completed a feature-length documentary titled Project Frontline. The film chronicles the evolving COVID-19 pandemic and the response that was mobilized by state government, academia, and industry partners in Massachusetts to address the PPE crisis facing frontline workers, production of COVID testing, and the scientific discovery of novel vaccines.

The Berkshire Innovation Center opened its doors in February 2020 to Boyd, Digital Eyes, and more than 30 other member companies representing industries including life sciences, advanced manufacturing, aerospace + defense, software + engineering, clean tech, and healthcare. The BIC’s belief is that collisions between its members fuel unexpected collaborations and positive outcomes. These types of relationships spark innovation, foster shared discoveries, and drive economic development. Core to the BIC’s mission is the curating of these member relationships.

Project Frontline speaks volumes to the organic and curated collisions that we see so frequently amongst BIC member companies,” Executive Director Ben Sosne said. “The BIC convenes innovative firms and leaders in our region and beyond. We sit at the intersection of so much potential and will continue to encourage our member companies to collaborate and leverage the knowledge spillover that happens naturally when they engage with peers in the BIC network.”

Production of Project Frontline began in March 2020, and the film is a real-time account highlighting the statewide industry response in one of the country’s first virus surge states, including emergency-response efforts mobilized by Gov. Charlie Baker’s office in partnership with healthcare systems, academic institutions, and the manufacturing industry as a whole.

Boyd Biomedical will host the Boston-area theatrical premiere of Project Frontline on Wednesday, Oct. 26 at the Regent Theatre, located at 7 Medford St. in Arlington, starting at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are complimentary and open to the public by clicking here. The Berkshire-area theatrical premiere will take place on Thursday, Nov. 17 at 7p.m. at the Berkshire Innovation Center in Pittsfield. Both events will feature audience Q&A with the producers and subjects of the film.

In addition to collaborating with Boyd Biomedical on Project Frontline, Digital Eyes has joined forces with the BIC to form BIC Studios, a strategic partnership aiming to elevate industry storytelling and drive awareness about the burgeoning culture of technology and innovation in the Berkshires. Current projects include a multi-platform marketing campaign about careers in key growth sectors in the region in partnership with MassHire Berkshire Workforce Board, an audio/video podcast with Boyd titled Boyd Biomedical Design Stories, along with several projects for BIC member companies and additional documentaries in development.

“Project Frontline is the latest example of what we witness daily here at the BIC … that collaborative innovation truly lives right here in Berkshire County,” Chief Learning Officer Dennis Rebelo said. “In his book The Tipping Point, Malcolm Gladwell stated that ‘the tipping point is that magic moment when an idea, trend, or social behavior crosses a threshold, tips, and spreads like wildfire.’ Those magic moments are already happening here at the Berkshire Innovation Center. We are frequently the catalyst to crossing that threshold.”