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Berkshire Money Management’s Scott Little Earns Behavioral Financial Advisor Designation

DALTON — Berkshire Money Management (BMM) announced that Scott Little, financial advisor and vice president at the firm, has earned the behavioral financial advisor (BFA) designation. Behavioral financial advisors combine financial knowledge with psychology and neuroscience to increase their ability to coach clients in making rational, values-based decisions.

“I wanted to be in a better position to help our clients identify, understand, and manage the emotions surrounding their finances in a way that puts them in the best possible position to achieve their goals,” Little said

Behavioral finance acknowledges that, while numbers are rational, people are not, which can make carrying out financial plans challenging for client and advisor alike. The BFA program was developed by Think 2 Perform to teach advisors to recognize their clients’ emotions and help them stick with their plans, even when those emotions run high. To earn the certification, advisors must complete two multi-part courses on behavioral finance, pass an online proctored exam, and complete 20 hours of continuing education to renew their status every two years.

Little has been helping BMM clients build secure retirements for more than 20 years. He is a licensed financial advisor, a certified elder planning specialist, and now a behavioral financial advisor. He holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration and economics from MCLA.

“Delivering financial advice isn’t all about numbers anymore, if it ever was,” Berkshire Money Management CEO Allen Harris said. “The way we and others in our industry serve our clients has undergone radical transformation over the last two decades. In the next two, the BMM team will continue to adapt with our clients’ needs.”