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BHN Opens Outpatient Clinic to Treat Substance-use Disorders

SPRINGFIELD — Behavioral Health Network (BHN) announced the opening of a new outpatient clinic on its Liberty Street campus for the treatment of substance-use disorders. The clinic offers medically supervised methadone in addition to suboxone, vivitrol, other FDA-approved medications, and counseling.

BHN offers a full continuum of care and services in Springfield for those in addiction recovery. Recovery programs include acute treatment (detox), residential recovery homes, clinical stabilization, outpatient treatment, and driver alcohol education services.

The new clinic will serve those who have started medication treatment for their addiction in other healthcare facilities or can be a first step in starting medication treatment for their addiction. FDA-approved medications in combination with counseling and behavioral therapies will provide a whole-patient approach to the treatment of substance-use disorders.

The new clinic will be open seven days per week. The campus also houses a crisis center, the Living Room, other 24-hour treatment programs, an adult outpatient clinic, care-coordination and outreach services, and administrative offices.

“We are filling the gaps in treatment and expect that this clinic will help a substantial number of people who are finding the substance-use disorder program a lifesaver as they continue on their road to recovery,” said Kathy Wilson, BHN president and CEO.

Added Dr. Ruth Potee, medical director for substance-use disorders at BHN, “the data show better outcomes with the use of medication to treat substance-use disorders. We have nearly 50 years of experience using methadone to save lives in the United States. BHN has a full scope of services to help people who struggle with addiction.”