Brightside Receives Book Donation

WEST SPRINGFIELD — When developed at an early age, a love of reading can become a lifelong passion. Link to Libraries, an nonprofit, volunteer organization based in East Longmeadow, is making that opportunity possible with a donation of 50 books to Brightside for Families and Children.

“There is something about being able to pick up a book and read. Holding a book and turning the pages is very tactile, and reading about different people and places can transport you to a new world,” said Susan Jaye-Kaplan, co-founder of Link to Libraries. “Our organization believes we have a responsibility to provide benefits to children who have fewer opportunities and more challenges in the local community. Brightside is doing wonderful work in this area, so the book donation is a perfect fit.”

Gail Baquis, an Link to Libraries advisory committee member, echoes that sentiment. “I was fortunate because reading and books were a large part of my childhood,” she said. “When I had children, we often visited the library together, and they developed a love of reading as well. For them, reading has become a way to learn about all the world has to offer, from the comfort of a cozy chair in the family room.”

The books donated to Brightside include classics, chapter books, early readers, and multicultural books. Link to Libraries tapped a group of educators to select the books in this donation.

“The generosity of spirit of organizations in our community such as Link to Libraries assures that the children of Brightside have new experiences, materials, and resources that enrich their lives,” said Brenda McCormick, vice president of Fund Development for the Sisters of Providence Health System. “We truly appreciate those who support Brightside.”