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Cancer House of Hope Opens New Rooms for Reiki, Oncology Massage

WEST SPRINGFIELD — CHD Cancer House of Hope will host the official opening of newly completed private rooms for reiki treatment and certified oncology massage on Monday, Oct. 2 at 10 a.m. at Cancer House of Hope, 1999 Westfield St., West Springfield.

Those expected to be in attendance for the official opening include Donald Chase, Mary Paier-Powers, and West Springfield Mayor Will Reichelt, all trustees for the Big E West Springfield Trust, which provided a grant for building materials; Troy Collins, project manager for Colmac Construction, LLC in Westfield, which donated labor and materials for the project; and Jason Garand of the Western Massachusetts Carpenters Union Local 108, who helped coordinate labor for the project. A tour of the new rooms will be provided, and coffee and light refreshments will be served.

“CHD Cancer House of Hope has provided reiki and certified oncology massage services at our location for some time, but until now we were not able to provide a great deal of privacy to our guests,” said Joe Kane, program manager for CHD Cancer House of Hope. “This project provides a major improvement. Where previously we had one large room divided in half by a three-quarter-height cubicle wall from an office building, now we have two private spaces, each with a door, floor-to-ceiling walls, and separate controls for interior lighting. It’s a much nicer space to be in now, and the reiki practitioner or massage therapist can engage the guest in conversation that won’t be overheard. We’re hoping this will allow guests the opportunity to talk more freely about their condition and how they’re feeling as another way to improve the impact of the session.”

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