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Caolo & Bieniek Commences Public-safety Projects in Taunton, Lenox

CHICOPEE — Caolo & Bieniek Architects joined the communities of Taunton and Lenox at groundbreaking ceremonies for their new public-safety facilities. City officials, key stakeholders, and residents gathered to celebrate the kickoff of construction for both community projects.

It has been nearly 114 years since the city of Taunton has had a building constructed for the Police Department, and first responders have been operating out of temporary facilities for more than 50 years. This new complex, estimated to cost $50 million, will allocate 62,000 square feet to Police and Fire headquarters, 17,000 square feet to an auxiliary storage and maintenance building, and 3,000 square feet to a training facility.

The town of Lenox broke ground as well, kicking off its new public-safety complex project. With an overall budget of $25 million, this complex will house the Lenox Police, Fire, and EMS headquarters. The single-story, 21,000-square-foot facility provides much-needed space for each department’s operational needs and allows for future growth, all within a new facility designed with the architectural character of the town of Lenox.