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CDH, Hampshire Cardiovascular Associates to Offer Heart-health Series

NORTHAMPTON — In honor of the body’s most vital organ, the heart, Cooley Dickinson Hospital and Hampshire Cardiovascular Associates have announced their annual heart-health series on consecutive Wednesdays in February. The lectures will be held from 6 to 7 p.m. at Hampshire Cardiovascular Associates’ Northampton location, 22 Atwood Health Center, third floor.

As the leading cause of death in women and men, heart disease is also controllable and preventable. Attendees will learn about ways they can reduce their chances of developing heart disease and vascular disease, cut their risk of heart attack and stroke, and gain new knowledge about common diagnostic procedures and treatments. All community members are welcome and encouraged to attend any or all of these four free events.

Space is limited. To register, call 888-554-4CDH (4234) or click here. The sessions are as follows:

Feb. 6: “Imaging of the Heart.” Advances in medical imaging have had profound effects on both the detection of heart problems and the real-time guidance of surgical and other procedures. Join Dr. Steven Weinsier, a Cooley Dickinson cardiologist, to learn more about currently available diagnostic tools for cardiovascular conditions.

Feb. 13: “Varicose Veins.” Varicose veins can be unsightly, painful, and in some cases indicative of more serious conditions like blood clots. Dr. Ali Haider, a Cooley Dickinson cardiologist, will discuss the causes of venous disease, including age, sex, weight, pregnancy, sedentary lifestyle, and genetic inheritance, and offer information on currently available treatments for the condition. Immediately following this talk, American Heart Assoc. instructors will teach ‘hands-only’ CPR.

Feb. 20: “How to Prevent Peripheral Vascular Disease.” Peripheral vascular disease can cause pain and fatigue in the legs and hips, and can increase one’s risk for heart attacks, strokes, and more. Cardiologist Dr. Gaurav Rana will lead a talk on aneurysms and peripheral artery disease treatment, and learn what can be done to lower one’s risk or treat a current condition.

Feb. 27: “Heart Disease in Women.” Heart disease affects more than 6 million women in the U.S. and is the leading cause of death in women. Cardiologist Dr. Thea Calkins will provide a look at cardiac risk factors, management tools, and other information specific to women.

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