CDH Makes Advances to Vascular-testing Capabilities

NORTHAMPTON — The term ‘doppler’ has become synonymous with television meteorologists in on-air weather reporting. The term is also used in the field of radiology and is part of new equipment purchased by Cooley Dickinson Hospital (CDH) to quickly and safely diagnose conditions affecting blood vessels.

CDHrecently announced the acquisition of state-of-the-art, non-invasive vascular-testing equipment in the Vascular and Special Interventions unit of the Radiology Department.

The hospital has purchased a Parks Flo-Lab 2100 SX, which provides a wide range of diagnostic tests for arterial and venous disease. This equipment uses a combination of doppler ultrasound and pressure measurements to quickly and safely diagnose peripheral artery disease and other conditions affecting blood vessels. There is no need for radiation or injections of contrast materials.

In addition to existing treadmill testing and duplex doppler ultrasound imaging equipment, the acquisition of the Flo-Lab 2100 SX provides a comprehensive range of non-invasive vascular studies. Along with MRI, CT, nuclear medicine, cardiac catheter, and angiography studies, the full spectrum of diagnostic imaging is now available on site at CDH.

The Department of Radiology at CDH is accredited for vascular ultrasound by the American College of Radiology. The non-invasive vascular testing is supervised by board-certified physicians who specialize in vascular imaging.

Patients requesting more information should call (413) 582-2554.

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