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CHD’s Community Support Program Opens at Providence Hospital

HOLYOKE — CHD’s Community Support Program (CSP) and a new outpatient behavioral-health program officially opened on Dec. 13 on the campus of Providence Behavioral Health Hospital at 1221 Main St., Suite 309 in the Catherine Horan Medical Building, in Holyoke.

“The value of providing a full continuum of behavioral healthcare to our community is clear. At Mercy Medical Center and Providence Behavioral Health Hospital, we believe that care is most successful when we are able to meet the needs of patients when they need it and where they need it,” said Dr. Robert Roose, vice president, Behavioral Health for Mercy Medical Center. “We are pleased to be collaborating with CHD on additional services on our campus in order to facilitate coordinated care both for patients transitioning from inpatient treatment as well as those coming daily for outpatient opioid treatment.”

The primary goal of providing outpatient behavioral health and CSP services at Providence Behavioral Health Hospital is to help at-risk individuals live independently in the community and to avoid unnecessary hospitalizations, said Jim Goodwin, president and CEO of CHD. CSP will work closely with referring inpatient psychiatric and substance-use-disorder treatment programs at Providence Behavioral Health Hospital. CSP also will work in close coordination with, and complement services provided in, CHD’s outpatient behavioral-health clinic.

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