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Children’s Museum at Holyoke Introduces Sensory Sundays for Kids with Sensory Challenges

HOLYOKE — Beginning Sunday, Oct. 6, the Children’s Museum at Holyoke will hold Sensory Sundays, a program designed for families with children affected by sensory challenges such as sensory processing disorder (SPD) and autism.

Designed in partnership with Learn in Motion, this program aims to allow families who typically avoid crowded or stimulating environments to be able to enjoy the museum. An official SPD or autism diagnosis is not required to participate in the program.

For sensory seekers, Learn in Motion’s Chris and Hope Gibaldi will be on hand to guide children through a specially crafted, body-regulating sensory obstacle course on the museum’s second floor.

For the sensory-sensitive, a portion of the downstairs area of the museum will feature light shades and decreased sounds for a more relaxed atmosphere and less stimulating experience.

“With Sensory Sundays, we’re looking to give kids with sensory challenges an opportunity to play and explore in their own unique way,” said Lauren Boyce, Operations manager. “Ultimately, we’d like this to be a community resource for all families to enjoy the museum and a safe environment for kids to be themselves and explore.”

Beginning Oct. 6, Sensory Sundays will be held on the first Sunday of every month, with the exception of December, when it will be held the third Sunday (Dec. 15). The program will run from 10 to 11:30 a.m., with regular museum hours resuming at noon.