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Christina Tuohey’s New Book Teaches Children Importance of Gender-free Colors

LONGMEADOW — As mom to three active children, local author Christina Tuohey, who works as director of Marketing and Outreach at Ruth’s House Assisted Living, part of the JGS Lifecare campus, understands the importance of raising kids to be free of gender stereotypes. To that end, her new book — aptly titled There Are No Girl Colors! — creatively tells the story of a child who learns to appreciate the fact that every color should be appreciated free of gender norms.

The story appeals to people of all ages, which was obvious at a recent event at Ruth’s House. Resident Sue Huggins read There Are No Girl Colors! to a group of children, parents, staff, and residents. After the reading, the children painted ‘kindness rocks’ that will be used to decorate the garden at Ruth’s House.

“It was a beautiful moment for me seeing one of our residents reading my book to the children,” Tuohey said. “The book is about a little boy who learns to love all colors — not just the traditional colors our society once taught.” She noted that some of the boys in the audience came straight from soccer games wearing purple and pink soccer jerseys. “That really exemplified the book’s message.”

Inspired by her three children and her own childhood, Tuohey wrote the book as a way to teach her children that color is gender-free. She grew up with very artistic parents and always viewed colors as gender-neutral, but she realized that was not the case for everyone.

“After having my children, it became very apparent that, according to society, there were some colors that were allowed for boys and some for girls,” she said. “I started noticing that my boys would refuse certain cups or toys or crayons just because they were not traditional ‘boy’ colors — hence the name of the book. Now it makes me feel good knowing children are learning that all colors should be loved and celebrated, and that there are no girl colors, just colors.”

Ruth’s House resident Sue Huggins thoroughly enjoyed the experience. “I loved reading this book to the children,” she said. “It’s a wonderful premise. Plus, having the children on campus made the day even more special. They bring so much joy to Ruth’s House.”

There Are No Girl Colors! is available from Amazon.