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Colleen Desai Named Massachusetts Emergency Nurses Assoc. Delegate

HOLYOKE — Colleen Desai, Holyoke Medical Center’s chief Nursing officer, has been selected by the Massachusetts Emergency Nurses Assoc. (ENA) to be a delegate at the 2018 ENA General Assembly on Sept. 25-26 in Pittsburgh. The ENA is the premier professional nursing association dedicated to defining the future of emergency nursing. 

“I am honored to be selected by my peers to be a representative of the Massachusetts Emergency Nurses Association at the General Assembly,” said Desai. “It is important for us to have a voice while issues are discussed and policies are created around emergency-nursing standards.”

The ENA General Assembly is the principal body responsible for developing policies and positions and providing direction for matters relating to emergency nursing, as well as communicating member needs to the ENA board of directors. It also provides input to the board on issues relating to the practice of emergency nursing and adopts procedures governing the operation of the General Assembly.

The General Assembly consists of no more than 705 voting delegates and international delegates. Each state council has the right to appoint two voting delegates, one of whom serves as state captain, as well as one non-voting alternate delegate. The remaining delegates will be allocated based on the delegation’s percentage of the national membership. The Massachusetts ENA has 934 members with 15 delegates.

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