Country Bank Continues Support Of Mary Lane

WARE – Country Bank for Savings, which operates 13 locations throughout Hampshire, Hampden and Worcester Counties, has continued its long-term support for Mary Lane Hospital, with a $35,000 contribution.


“Country Bank’s continued support to Mary Lane and the many communities we serve have made a difference in the quality of care we can deliver, and this year’s pledge is no exception,” said Christine F. Shirtcliff, Executive Vice President, MLH.

Mary Lane Hospital’s Surgical Services Department has used the donation made by Country Bank this year to purchase equipment used by the orthopedic surgeons and operating room nurses for patients after their hip fractures, specifically broken femurs.

“The advantage of this system is that it allows the patients to put weight on their surgically repaired hip the first day after their surgery,” said Pam Wallace, RN, manager, surgical services, MLH. “This is extremely beneficial because patients who can ambulate on the first day after their surgery are less likely to develop postoperative complications such as blood clots, decreased bowel function, and respiratory complications.”

“It will also decrease their length of stay and get them back home with their families,” said Wallace.

Paul Scully, president, Country Bank for Savings, said the bank is thrilled with their relationship with Mary Lane Hospital. “All of us here at Country Bank take great pride in the role we play to support the hospital’s efforts to improve the quality of life for the people in our communities.”

“We view the success of our bank on the success of the community and the people who live and work here,” said Scully. “By providing the best care and a wide array of services, Mary Lane remains a vital link to the community.”

Country Bank has long supported the Mary Lane Hospital Technology Fund, which supports the hospital’s efforts to further upgrade technology used in the treatment and diagnosis of patients.

In years past, the support of Country Bank has allowed MLH to upgrade ultrasound, mammography and X-ray equipment used in the Radiology Department, along with significant assistance for the total renovation and upgrade of the surgical services department.

“It is important for us here at Mary Lane to provide the latest technology to best serve our patients,” said Shirtcliff.

“Mary Lane Hospital, year after year, benefits from the outpouring of support made by local businesses, such as Country Bank for Savings,” she said.

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