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CrossFit Ardor Leads Drive to Benefit MHA’s Good to Go Program

PALMER — Throughout November, members of CrossFit Ardor and the Palmer community are encouraged to collect personal-care items for donation to Good to Go, an initiative of the Mental Health Assoc. (MHA) that provides clothing and personal-care items to people in need who receive care in MHA programs.

Then, on Saturday, Nov. 30, CrossFit Ardor will host two special workout events at 7 and 8 a.m. at its 1007 Church St. location in Palmer to benefit MHA. The $20 drop-in fee for non-members will be donated to MHA, and members are encouraged add their donations as well. Everyone who comes by is also encouraged to bring in a personal-care item, such as shampoo, toothpaste, toilet paper, or socks, to donate to the Good to Go drive. Space for these is limited, so RSVP to (413) 478-9870 or sign up on the MINDBODY app.

Rebecca and Derek Casinghino are the owners of CrossFit Ardor. “CrossFit is a high-intensity approach to workout that emphasizes constantly varied functional movements,” Rebecca said. “It’s a fun way to get active and stay healthy for anyone and everyone. The same workouts are prescribed for the elderly individual with heart disease as those athletes preparing for competition. The degree of skill ranges, depending upon an individual’s level of fitness. Our mission is to promote getting fit, having fun, and creating a community that encourages accomplishments.”

CrossFit Ardor’s focus on community led to Rebecca’s decision to host a Good to Go drive after she was recently introduced to the work of MHA.

“I wasn’t really aware of all the good things that MHA was doing, and I wanted to get my own community involved,” she said. “I know that what we do at CrossFit Ardor is beneficial to everybody because exercise is a great way to get healthy, heal yourself, and move forward to a place where you’re living well. I really like the idea of supporting Good to Go because the people we can help aren’t in the spotlight. Particularly this time of year, there are a lot of conversations among people wanting to give back, so I thought I’d bring Good to Go into the light and help some people who could really use a soft landing.”

Added Kimberley Lee, vice president of Resource Development & Branding at MHA, “from a mental-health perspective, there’s nothing better than a workout. Doing something good for yourself, something that helps your body, also can help you feel better emotionally. By opening CrossFit Ardor up to the community as a collection point for donations all month and as a center of activity for the November special workout event, Rebecca and Derek Casinghino are giving people the chance to experience their own positive and healthy feelings while helping others. So include MHA on your shopping list and pick up an extra bottle of shampoo, toothbrush and toothpaste, warm socks, or pack of toilet paper to donate to Good to Go. Rebecca will have a donation box at CrossFit Ardor where people can drop off their donations.”

Community groups, sports teams, businesses, service organizations, student groups, individuals, and families all have the opportunity to make an immediate, meaningful impact in the lives of vulnerable people through a Good to Go drive. To learn more, contact Lee at (413) 233-5343 or klee@mhainc.org.