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Dakin Donates Disposable Gowns, Other Protective Equipment to Baystate Medical Center

SPRINGFIELD — Dakin Humane Society donated its in-house quantity of disposable surgical gowns and booties, along with other personal protective equipment, to help Baystate Medical Center in its efforts to curb the effects of COVID-19.

“We’ve seen news stories about the need for protective equipment being faced by those in human healthcare, so we reached out to Baystate Medical Center because they’re local,” said Karina King, Dakin’s director of Operations.

On March 20, several cases of equipment were carried out of Dakin’s Springfield Adoption Center and loaded into a van and a trailer that brought the goods to Baystate. In addition to the gowns and booties, other items included nitrile examination gloves, surgical masks with attached face shields, and caps.

“We anticipated that human health workers would need these supplies soon, so we recently stopped using disposable items at Dakin and found alternative equipment, including smocks that could be laundered and re-used instead of being disposed of,” King added. “It’s part of our responsibility as community members that, when we have items that human healthcare workers need, we want to ensure that they have what they need to keep themselves, and us, healthy.”

Dakin itself has felt the effects of the COVID-19 crisis, and has restructured its staff to cover its most vital programs, including adoptions, pet surrenders, and emergency pet-owner-requested euthanasia. While its two adoption centers are currently closed to the public, people seeking these services can call Dakin at (413) 781-4000, and staff will assist them.