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Dakin Seeks Help to Stock Shelves at Nick’s Nursery by Memorial Day

SPRINGFIELD — Dakin Humane Society is looking for assistance from animal lovers to collect much-needed items to prepare Nick’s Nursery for its upcoming June-through-October season.

Nick’s Nursery is New England’s only kitten intensive-care unit and was opened at Dakin’s Springfield adoption and education center in June 2014 to help sick and/or orphaned kittens become well enough to take their place on the adoption floor. The spring, summer, and fall months bring a sharp spike in the kitten population in New England, as warmer weather generates more breeding cycles for cats.

“Last year Nick’s Nursery treated 247 kittens, a number that has grown each year it’s been in operation,” said Carmine DiCenso, Dakin’s executive director. “Supplies of all types are needed to handle this year’s round of patients, including kitten food, electrolyte liquids, nursing kits, heating pads, and more. We’ve created an orphan baby wish list on Amazon that details what ill or orphaned kittens need, and people who want to help these kittens survive and thrive can order items directly online, or shop local and bring them to either our Springfield or Leverett adoption centers.”

The wish list (amzn.to/2pLO5KB) notes quantities needed for each item, as well as a tally of how many have been received via Amazon. The most-needed items include kitten food and nursing kits.

“We’re in a race to build up our supplies,” said DiCenso. “We have already started taking in kittens, and the numbers will increase greatly in June, so we’re asking the public to help us by donating these supplies in time for Memorial Day, which is May 29. Last year we thought we’d be done by about October, but there were kittens in Nick’s Nursery as late as November.”