Delta Dental Launches New Online Services Program For Clients, Dentists

BOSTON — Delta Dental of Massachusetts has launched a new online benefit services program for accounts and dentists, one which will allow real-time access to eligibility, benefits, and claim status information, via the Web.
By year’s end, Delta Dental expects to provide all of its members with online access to key benefit information as well.

Through Delta Dental’s Web site (www.deltamass.com), accounts can now view and edit employee eligibility, conduct claim status inquiries, view coverage histories of employees and covered dependents, check the remaining balances of employees’ annual maximum and deductible amounts applied to date, and order replacement ID cards.

Meanwhile, dentists can check eligibility information on patients, access information on a patient’s available benefits, and check on the status of a patient’s claim.

“Benefit and human resource managers can do their jobs more effectively and efficiently if they have immediate access to employee benefit information through the Internet,” said Fay Donohue-Rolfe, senior vice president of Delta Dental Plan of Massachusetts. “For dentists, being able to quickly access this information allows them to make more informed treatment decisions, since patients usually don’t know what kind of coverage they have or what’s left and available to them.”