DopaFit Announces Limitless, a New Initiative to Help People with Parkinson’s Disease

SOUTHAMPTON — DopaFit Inc., a Parkinson’s disease movement center, is known for helping people with Parkinson’s slow the progression of their disease with exercise and other non-pharmacological treatments. Those who suffer from Parkinson’s disease are often forced to stop doing the things they love. Many give up their passions, hobbies, and lose their sense of self. Limitless by DopaFit has been created to empower people with Parkinson’s disease to redefine their lives by giving them a chance to do something they once loved.

On Monday, April 5, Rick Burkhart, a current DopaFit fighter, will fly a plane with the help of Fly LUGU flight school at the Westfield Barnes Airport. Burkhart has not flown an airplane in more than 10 years since he was first diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Prior to his diagnosis, he was an avid pilot and owned a flight school at Westfield Barnes Airport. He often took cross-country flights, and even donated his time and planes to drop off much-needed supplies to remote areas of impoverished countries.

“Far too often, when people are diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, they expect to be disabled within five years,” said Chad Moir, founder and CEO of DopaFit Inc. and the Limitless project. “This does not have to be the case. With exercise, eating healthy, and keeping a positive attitude, people with Parkinson’s disease can live a long and active life. Limitless by DopaFit is meant to help people with Parkinson’s continue to live their life without limits.”

DopaFit Inc. plans to offer the Limitless program on a quarterly basis and encourages people living with Parkinson’s disease to apply for their chance to live DopaFit’s motto, “Parkinson’s without limits.” For more information, visit or call (203) 828-7189.