Dr. Dennis Owens Honored with Patient-Centered Physician Award

PITTSFIELD — Dr. Dennis Owens, a long-time member of the Emergency Department team at Berkshire Medical Center, was recently recognized with the 2017 Patient-Centered Physician Award, presented annually to a physician who exemplifies the philosophy of patient-centered care at BMC.

“In the past, we have honored many remarkable physicians and surgeons, but I have to say this year’s recipient of the 14th annual Patient-Centered Physician award stood out, not just in his qualifications to receive this honor, but in the sheer number of nominations that validated this honor. Dr. Dennis Owens received 29 nominations from our staff, who view him as a role model and leader who demonstrates caring through quality interactions with his patients and those who work alongside him,” said Diane Kelly, the hospital’s chief operating officer.

“Our Emergency Department is always busy,” she continued. “We care for tens of thousands of people each year, and when they come through our doors, they are often scared, and certainly experiencing an acute illness or injury that requires immediate attention. It’s clear from the words we have seen from his colleagues that Dr. Owens responds to this challenging environment by being able to calm fears and ease pain and worry. His empathy for the patient and their loved ones, and his strong communication skills with staff, lead to very positive outcomes for our patients. They trust him, and we are a better hospital for having his knowledge, experience, good humor, and passion for patient care.”

The staff of Berkshire Medical Center submitted nominations for the award. They chose to honor Owens based on his actions as a role model and physician leader who demonstrates caring through quality interactions with others. The award focuses on communicating with patients and families, involving patients in healthcare decisions, taking the time to talk with patients and listen to their concerns, and working collaboratively and respectfully with all other members of the care team so that everyone can do their best in addressing patient-care issues. These behaviors exemplify a growing philosophical belief that all care activities must be centered around the patients’ needs, rather than hospital or individual routines and schedules.

The Patient-Centered Physician Award is presented each year in conjunction with National Doctors Day. Previous recipients of the award are Drs. Robert Wespiser, Richard Perera, Todd Lasner, Ronald Hayden, Paula Aucoin, Andrew Beckwith, Wade Gebara, Rocco Iannucci, Marcella Bradway, William DeMarco, Michael McHugh, Michael DeLeo, and Hafez Alsmaan.

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